August 15-25 INDYFRINGE

Don't Disappoint the Family

...a giggly romp through the
50 Hectare Forest." 

Lisa Gautier Mitchison, Indianapolis Theatre Reviews

"Sounds like this will be twisted and funny, just the way I like my theatre!" 
Robb Day, Theatre Patron


"Circumstantial Holidays was a perfect little treat, but this looks completely crazy...I can't wait!" 

Hailee Smith, Theatre Patron

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite childhood characters after you grew up?  Well, for this Family it's clear that they moved beyond flying kites and long walks in the woods.  They enjoy more adult fun these days, but it's not always playtime and party games for this dysfunctional Family: mayhem, sex, jealousy, murder and greed are what keep them together and what force them apart.  Who is lying, who is playing the odds, who is going to be the last one standing and who stole that hunny?